Cartridge Solenoid Valve

Characteristic Description

1.Industry common cavity.
2.Continuous-duty rated coil.
3.Hardened seat for long life and low leakage.
4.Standard voltage settings.
5.Various specification optional.
6.Electrial outlet optional.

Function Choice


Application Attention:

1.About all the spool type valve, if the spool held shiffed under pressure for a long time, may be the spool will be stuck due to fluid residue, so that the spring can not overcome the clamping force, causing the spool valve can not be reset, it should be used periodically to prevent this from happening.
2.The valve cavity must be made in strict accordance with cavity dimensions, the processing must meet the equirements of thread tolerance class, we can install cartridge valves by hand easily, then press the specified torque with a wrench to tighten.

Function ChoiceModel ChoiceMax.PressureMax.Flow
1 BST08-202.pdf (229 downloads) 250bar40L/min
BST08-220 (211 downloads) 30L/min
BST08S-220 (231 downloads) 45L/min
BST10-220 (219 downloads) 57L/min
BST12-220 (216 downloads) 113L/min
BST16-220 (249 downloads) 150L/min
2 BST08-221 (221 downloads) 30L/min
BST10-221 (210 downloads) 57L/min
BST12-221 (196 downloads) 113L/min
BST16-221 (214 downloads) 150L/min
3 BST08-222 (218 downloads) 30L/min
BST10-222 (246 downloads) 57L/min
BST12-222 (225 downloads) 113L/min
BST16-222 (219 downloads) 150L/min
4 BST08-223 (205 downloads) 30L/min
BST10-223 (247 downloads) 57L/min
BST12-223 (202 downloads) 13L/min
BST16-223 (242 downloads) 150L/min
5 BST08-224 (221 downloads) 210bar10L/min
BST10-224 (219 downloads) 38L/min
6 BST08-225 (301 downloads) 10L/min
BST10-225 (209 downloads) 22L/min
7 BST08-227L (222 downloads) 250bar10L/min
BST08-227L (222 downloads) 40L/min
BST10-227 (204 downloads) 70L/min
8 BST08-228 (213 downloads) 10L/min
BST08-228L (211 downloads) 40L/min
BST10-228 (205 downloads) 70L/min
9 BST12S-229 (230 downloads) 70L/min
BST16S-229 (209 downloads) 150L/min
10 BST08S-230 (213 downloads) 210bar10L/min
BST10-230 (204 downloads) 20L/min
11 BST08S-231 (210 downloads) 10L/min
BST10-231 (196 downloads) 20L/min
12 BST08-232 (214 downloads) 250bar30L/min
BST08S-232 (226 downloads) 210bar15L/min
BST10-232 (227 downloads) 20L/min
BST12-232 (201 downloads) 55L/min
13 BST08S-233 (225 downloads) 11L/min
14 BST08-234 (242 downloads) 10L/min
15 BST08-238 (191 downloads) 10L/min
BST10-238 (203 downloads) 20L/min
16 BST08-240 (205 downloads) 11L/min
BST10-240 (207 downloads) 20L/min
17 BST08-241 (208 downloads) 11L/min
BST10-241 (215 downloads) 20L/min
18 BST08-242 (192 downloads) 11L/min
BST10-242 (188 downloads) 20L/min
BST12-242 (250 downloads) 55L/min
19 BST08-243 (235 downloads) 11L/min
BST10-243 (201 downloads) 20L/min
bst08s-34m BST08-34M (120 downloads) 8L/min
BST10-34M (123 downloads) 15L/min
bst08s-34o BST08-34O (114 downloads) 10L/min
BST10-34O (136 downloads) 20L/min
bst08s-34y BST08-34Y (139 downloads) 10L/min
BST10-34Y (123 downloads) 20L/min
bst08s-34h BST08-34H (116 downloads) 8L/min
BST10-34H (128 downloads) 15L/min

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