Directional Control Valve

Directional Control Valve

One:Characteristic Description :

1、Pressure Losing Very Low.

2、Operating pressures up to 315bar(4565psi).

3、Hardened precision parts for long life and low leakage.

4、Part ion product accord with industry common cavity.

5、External parts zinc pained or oxidant.

6、Check valve’ s cracking pressure is optional.

7、Compact size.

Two:Function Choice

Function ChoiceModel ChoiceMax.PressureType of PinMax.Flow
BDF04-00 (129 downloads) 315barPoppet18L/min
BDF08-01 (131 downloads) 30L/min
BDF08-02 (114 downloads) Ball
BDF10-01 (129 downloads) Poppet113L/min
BDF10-05 (113 downloads) 75L/min
BDF10-06 (122 downloads)
BDF12-01 (122 downloads) 240bar113L/min
BDF16-00 (123 downloads) 200L/min
BDF16-02 (118 downloads) 300L/min
BDF20-00 (122 downloads) 350L/min
BDF20-03 (119 downloads) 400L/min
Pipe screw-in check valve BDF*** (134 downloads) 350barPoppet~180L/min
BFDF08-00 (119 downloads) 240barPoppet30L/min
BFDF10-00 (123 downloads) 75L/min
BFDF10-02 (113 downloads) 113L/min
BFDF32-00 (117 downloads) 350bar400L/min
BYDF04-00 (135 downloads) 240barPoppet18L/min
BYDF08-01 (119 downloads) Ball30L/min
BYDF10-00 (120 downloads) Poppet45L/min
BYDF10-01 (124 downloads) 350bar75L/min
BYDF10-02 (146 downloads) 240bar45L/min
BYDF12-00 (114 downloads) 315bar200L/min
BYDF16-00 (109 downloads) 380L/min
BFYDF20-01 (121 downloads) 207bar/350bar35L/min
BFYDF20-02 (121 downloads) 60L/min
BWYDF10-00 (127 downloads) 240barPoppet75L/min
BWYDF12-00 (119 downloads) 315bar200L/min
BWYDF16-00 (118 downloads) 350L/min
BSF06-01 (115 downloads) 240bar Poppet15L/min
BSF08-00 (105 downloads) 18L/min
BSF10-00 (139 downloads) 30L/min
BYYS08-00 (110 downloads) 18L/min
BYYS10-00 (115 downloads) 30L/min
BFYYS20-01 (114 downloads) 207bar/350bar50L/min
BFYYS20-02 (99 downloads) 100L/min
BYHF08-225 (125 downloads) 210barSpool20L/min
BYHF10-225 (110 downloads) 38L/min
BYHF10-232 (141 downloads) 18L/min
BYHF10-24C (131 downloads) 45L/min
BYHF10-33HO (141 downloads) 350bar25L/min
BYHF10-33LO (130 downloads) 25L/min
BYHF10-33LC (119 downloads) 25L/min
BSHF06-227 (107 downloads) 315barPoppet30L/min
BSHF06-227E-02 (102 downloads)
BJHF06-227 (108 downloads) Poppet30L/min

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