Load Control Valves

Load Control Valves

One:Characteristic Description :

Two:Poppet construction for minimal leakage

Three:Incorporates direct acting relief for overload protection

Four: Part-ion products accord with industry common cavity

Five:Can be directly mounted into cylinder or motor eliminating

requirement for manifold block.

Six:Pilot rations available

Screw-in cartridge:

Function ChoiceModel ChoiceMax.PressurePilot RatiosMax.flow
BPF08-00 (183 downloads) 240bar4:130L/min
BPF10-00 (189 downloads) 270bar
BPF10-01 (190 downloads) 10:160L/min
BPF12EG-00 (196 downloads) 320bar4.5:1120L/min
BPF12EG-01 (195 downloads) 270bar
BPF12CA-03 (186 downloads) 215bar3:160L/min
BPF12S-02 (202 downloads) 270bar4:190L/min
BPD16GG-00 (164 downloads) 4.5:1240L/min
BPF16GG-01 (190 downloads) 320bar
BDPF10-00 (208 downloads) 270bar4:130L/min
BFPF20-01 (200 downloads) 8.15:1120L/min
BFPF20-02 (204 downloads) 3:1140L/min
BDPF12EG-01 (207 downloads) 270bar4.5:1120L/min
BDPF16GG-01 (207 downloads) 240L/min
BPF16S-00 (189 downloads) 270bar3.5:1120L/min
BPF08S-00 (160 downloads) 5.0:130L/min

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