Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valves

One:Characteristic Description

Pressure Losing Very LOW

Operating pressures to 350bar(5000pas)

Hardened   precision parts for long life

Part ion product accord with industry common cavity

Two:Function Choice:


Function ChoiceModel ChoiceMax.PressureFlow RangesMax.flow
BBLF06-00-00 (170 downloads) 210bar1.4~18L/min18L/min
BBLF06-02-00 (171 downloads) 2~4L/min12L/min
BBLF08-00 (164 downloads) 20L/min
BBLF10-00 (174 downloads) 345bar0.05~40L/min60L/min
BLF04-00 (163 downloads) 240bar0.3~20L/min20L/min
BLF08-00 (144 downloads) 0.3~35L/min35L/min
BLF10-00 (168 downloads) 0.3~60Lmin60L/min
BLF12-02 (144 downloads) 0.3~113L/min113L/min
BDLF08-00 (153 downloads) 0.3~30L/min30L/min
BDLF10-00 (160 downloads) 0.3~45L/min45L/min
BDLF12-00 (133 downloads) 0.3~200L/min200L/min
BDLF12-01 (151 downloads) 0.3~120L/min120L/min
BDLF16-00 (150 downloads) 0.3~350L/min350L/min
BFBF12-01/03 (168 downloads) 210bar25L/min
BFBF××/X.× (154 downloads) 350bar25~180L/min
BFJF10-01 (160 downloads) 40L/min


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