Hydraulic grapple is one of the common types of grapples, which is widely used in the fields of loading and unloading stone, waste steel and log. Hydraulic grapple use the excavator hydraulic pump as the power source, divided into the transmission power and power two parts, one is to rotation, the other is to grab or loose. The rotation of the grapple is accomplished by a durable, large torque motor. The oil cylinder of the grapple is divided into single cylinder and double cylinder, through the expansion of the oil cylinder to grab and release, different types of oil cylinder with different performance of grab.

Hydraulic grapple is often divided into rotary and non rotary:
1.The grapple without hydraulic rotation is connected with the oil channel of the excavator bucket cylinder, do not need to install the hydraulic pipeline and electric hydraulic control valve, quick installation, easy to use.
2.The grapple with the rotation needs to add a set of electric hydraulic control valve and pipeline to control; Hydraulic grapple with hydraulic cylinders are equipped with protective devices.


BSTIND DG4V-3-60 vickers directional valve

Flows is 80 l/min (21 USgpm), 6* Design
P, A & B Pressures is 350 bar (5000 psi), T Pressures is 210 bar (3000 psi)

Functions of DG4V3 vickers hydraulic valves are as following:
With spring return= without any sign
Without spring return =O
Without spring return with detent =OF
High-performance wet-pin solenoid with detachable coil

Coil rating
Full power coils
A – 110V AC 50Hz
Bo – 110V AC 50Hz/120V AC 60 Hz
C – 220V AC 50 Hz
Do – 220V AC 50 Hz/240V AC 60 Hz
G – 12V DC
H – 24V DC
Low power coils,
(Not available with “N” – No-spring detented models)
BL – 110V 50 Hz/120V 60 Hz
DL – 220V AC 50 Hz/240V AC 60 Hz
GL – 12V DC
HL – 24V DC

DG4V3-60,DG4V3 vickers