• DG4V3-60,DG4V3 vickers
  • DG4V3-60,DG4V3 vickers

Vickers DG4V3-60 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve

Flows is 80 l/min (21 USgpm), 6* Design
P, A & B Pressures is 350 bar (5000 psi), T Pressures is 210 bar (3000 psi)

Features and Advantages

Tank line design is special with high rating.Tank line can withstand pressures up to 210 bar (3000 psi). DG4V3-60 is ideal replacement for high tank line pressure.

Due to new coil design,with characteristics of high thermal shock and impact resistance. Frame around coil ensures high strength and allows frame to expand/contract without adding stress.

With surge suppressor/diodes,can protect PLCs or circuit boards from back electro-magnetic force (EMF).

High performance features including minimal pressure drop, scratch-proof override sealing, high reliability, multiple electrical connections and ease of servicing.

Functions of DG4V3 vickers hydraulic valves are as following:
With spring return= without any sign
Without spring return =O
Without spring return with detent =OF
High-performance wet-pin solenoid with detachable coil

Coil rating
Full power coils
A – 110V AC 50Hz
Bo – 110V AC 50Hz/120V AC 60 Hz
C – 220V AC 50 Hz
Do – 220V AC 50 Hz/240V AC 60 Hz
G – 12V DC
H – 24V DC
Low power coils,
(Not available with “N” – No-spring detented models)
BL – 110V 50 Hz/120V 60 Hz
DL – 220V AC 50 Hz/240V AC 60 Hz
GL – 12V DC
HL – 24V DC

DG4V3 vickers Characteristics

Maximum Operating Pressure
“A”,“B” and “P” ports: 350 Bar(5000 psi)
Maximum Tank Line Pressure 210 bar (3000 psi)

Mounting Interface 

ISO 4401-AB-03-4-A
ANSI B93.7

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DG4V3-60,DG4V3 vickers

Spool valve symbols

DG4V3-60,DG4V3 vickers

Pressure drops

DG4V3-60,DG4V3 vickers

DG4V3-60 Outline and installation dimensions

DG4V3-60,DG4V3 vickers DG4V3-60,DG4V3 vickers


Hydraulic direction control DG4V3 vickers related article – Selection of pressure hydraulic direction control valve

Pressure hydraulic direction control DG4V3-60 to control the hydraulic system pressure, therefore the selection should be based on the working state of the hydraulic system, the pressure on the requirements and DG4V3-60 hydraulic direction control valve in the system to the function. For example, in the quantitative pump throttle speed control system, the speed of the implementation of components controlled by the throttle hydraulic direction control valve; in order to maintain the working pressure of the pump is basically constant, should use the DG4V3 vickers overflow hydraulic direction control valve to carry out the regulator overflow; in order to prevent the system overload, the pump can be used in parallel with an overflow valve, for the protection of the pump and the whole system; if there is a decompression circuit in the system, the DG4V3 vickers pressure relief valve must be used to reduce the high pressure circuit to low pressure; if the system uses the pressure to control the action sequence of the components, should use the sequence hydraulic direction control DG4V3-60, the pressure value of the sequence valve is set to the required pressure, thereby controlling the action sequence of the parts, and also can use the pressure relay to convert the liquid pressure to the electrical signal, to control the action sequence of the various parts; if you are required to perform the component stably, the back pressure valve should be set up in the loop to form a certain resistance to the oil, which can greatly improve the stability of the execution element. Overflow valve, sequence valve, check valve and throttle valve can be used for DG4V3-60 back pressure hydraulic direction control valve.