According to the German local time July 2nd reported: Rexroth LC2A-1X series valve has ISO7368 certification, users can directly mount any LFA logic coverage in Rexroth standard procedures to create hydraulic functions required. This method increases the flexibility for future modifications, since only logical coverage needs to be replaced to meet the new requirements.

Rexroth is committed to providing safe, accurate, efficient and cost-effective transmission and control technologies for all types of machinery and systems. The company integrates the global application experience, research and develop innovative products, provides solutions and services for customers of mechanical applications and engineering, factory automation and renewable energy in each market segment. Rexroth also provides customers with a variety of hydraulic, electronic transmission and control, pneumatic, gear, linear transmission and assembly technology. The company operates in more than and 80 countries, with more than 37,500 professional employees, global sales of nearly 6 billion 500 million euros in 2012.

BSTIND can produce most types of REXROTH hydraulic valves, especially 4WE6 and 4WE10 series hydraulic solenoid valves

4WE6 hydraulic solenoid valves

Rexroth 4WE6 hydraulic solenoid valve

4WE10 hydraulic solenoid valves

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