SBSG Low Noise Solenoid Operational Relief Valve

SBSG Max.pressure 25MPa,Max.Flow:200L/min.
1, Low-noise design,with high stability when operated;
2, Remote control by solenoid valve with different functions , and can unloading pump system or keep a pressure adjustment:
1: 0.7~7MPa
2: 3.5~14MPa
3: 7~25MPa

Adjustment control
L: left (standard)
R: Right (custom-made)

Discharge oil form:
2B3A NC packing
2B3B normally open unloading



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1, Direct current power supply solenoid valve,referred to as the DC solenoid valve.

2, Alternating current power supply solenoid valve,referred to as AC solenoid valve.

Often these solenoid relief valve containing one or two diodes:

1.DC solenoid DSG valve contains a diode, the diode freewheeling effect. We know that the coil solenoid controlled relief valve is inductor, inductance has a characteristic: when the external circuit changes instantly, keep its current value unchanged, coil current value I=U/R in steady state. When the coil power, current in the coil does not immediately dropped to 0, but to keep the current. At this time, the transistor that connected coil has been closed, or the switch contact point of the coil connection has been disconnected (quite coils connected in series with infinite resistance), the current forced through it, is bound to produce a high impulse voltage, can breakdown transistors or the switch contacts burned easily. Such as at both ends of the coil and a reverse diode, when energized, diode reverse cut-off, when the coil power, coil current will through the discharge diode, until the current decreases to zero, thereby protecting the transistors or switch contacts to not damage, that is the causes of secondary pipe. The DC power supply load sensibility, such as relays and solenoids etc. in the coil is connected with a reverse diode freewheeling protective effect. With the continuous solenoid relief valve current diode, wiring is polar requirements, should according to the positive and negative terminal symbol. A diode parameters selection is that: after the above explanation that momentary outages, maximum coil flow diode current equal to power off before the current, the current is equal to 24V divided by the coil resistance. Therefore, diode current to be elected is greater than or equal to the working current of the DSG valve, the reverse voltage elected 60 – 100V can (general election reverse voltage = 2 – 3 times the supply voltage)

2.Since the type of solenoid relief valve, with a diode. The half wave rectifier diode. The solenoid controlled relief valve, the surface is the AC solenoid valve is actually working voltage DC solenoid valve 100V. The half wave rectifier diode. Why has 220V AC solenoid DSG valve of a diode, is actually working voltage solenoid relief valvee 100V? The electromagnetic coil and a diode connected by only two: 1, series 2, parallel. First is a diode with an electromagnetic coil in series connected 220V power, obviously this is a half wave rectifying circuit, current flowing through the coil is the half wave direct current, the DC voltage average U =220 * 0.45=99V (100V). The diode and the electromagnet coils in parallel, connected to 220V power supply, obviously the parallel connection is wrong, because when the communication is half cycle of diode forward conduction, will make short circuit of the power supply, large current will diode will burn off.

3.Since the type of DSG yuken AC solenoid valve, there are 2 diodes, the D1 of the half wave rectifier, the D2 continuous flow effect. Its working principle is that: communication is half of the week,D1 conduction, and D2 reverse cutoff, AC negative half cycle, D1 reverse cut-off, due to the effect of inductance on the current block of coil is still current flowing through the. At this time the D2 will the current release out. For the current half wave rectifier type of solenoid controlled relief valve with freewheeling diode, its protective effect on the electronic switch control DSG valve.