4WE3-61 / NG3

4WE3 / NG3 valve Solenoid Operated Directional valve Specifications:

1.Take use of sub-plate mounting.Design and manufacture according to ISO 4401.With min solenoid valve and good performance.
2.Take use of thread valve connection and with optionally change coil.
3.With characteristics of unique waterproof and dust-proof.
4.Design and manufacture according to DIN43650,ISO 4400,and EN175301-803 standard plug.
Protection grade is IP65,and we can also customized higher degree,like AMP and Deutsch plug.

NG3 valve with 3 holes
4/2-way impulse valve
4/3-way with centered mid position spring
4/2-way with spring reset.
Q max.=15l/min,P max.=315Bar

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4WE3,NG3 valve,4WE3-61 4WE3-61 Description


4WE3-61 symbol 4WE3,NG3 valve,4WE3-61

4we3-61 flow-pressure P=f(Q)

4we3-61 flow-pressure 4WE3,NG3 valve,4WE3-61

4we3-61 pressure-leakage Q=f(P)

4we3-61 pressure-leakage 4WE3,NG3 valve,4WE3-61

4WE3-61 Outline and installation dimensions

4WE3,NG3 valve,4WE3-61


NG3 valves related article – Installation and maintenance of solenoid valve

NG3 hydraulic valves is one of the valves used in the automatic control system, it gets the user’s consistent favor because of low price, simple operation, convenient and reliable(it can directly accept the PLC or DCS switch quantity control signal). We will simply explain what you need to pay attention to while the installation and the maintenance of ng3 valve below.
Installation notes:
1.First check if the 4WE3 hydraulic valves is consistent with the selection parameters, such as power supply voltage, medium pressure, pressure, etc.. Especially the power, if wrong, it will burn out coil. Power supply voltage should meet the voltage range of voltage fluctuation range: AC +10%~-15%, DC +10%~-10%, usually the coil assembly is not open.
2.To flush the pipes before taking over, remove metal powder, seal material, rust and dirt in the pipe. Need to pay attention to the medium cleanliness, if the medium mixed with dirt and impurities that impede the normal work of the NG3 valve, the filter or strainer should be installed in the pipeline.
3.4WE3 hydraulic valves solenoid coil components should be installed vertically in the horizontal pipe. If you are subject to space constraints or other conditions have to installed it on the side, need to be put forward in order.Otherwise it may cause the solenoid valve does not work.
4.Manual shutoff valve should be added before and after the NG3 valve,and should be set to bypass, easy maintenance.
5.Hydraulic directional valve is generally oriented, cannot be reversed. Usually mark on the valve body with an arrow indicating the direction of the flow of the media, it should be installed in accordance with the direction of the arrow. But in the vacuum line or special circumstances can be reversed.
6.If the medium caused a water hammer effect, then you should use the 4WE3 hydraulic valves with prevent water hammer effect function or take corresponding preventive measures.
7.Don’t let the NG3 valve is energized for a long time, it is easy to reduce the service life of the coil and even burn the coil.
8.The inlet side of the steam hydraulic directional valve shall be provided with a steam trap, which shall be inclined to take over.