• DG4V5,DG4V5 vickers
  • DG4V5,DG4V5 vickers

DG4V5 vickers Series

Wet Armature Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves

Typical used as Spring-Centered DC Valve with Variable Speed Pilot Control passage

General Description

Max. pressure 315 bar (4500 psi)
Max. flow rates Up to 120 L/min(32 USgpm),
dependent on spool
Mounting surface ISO 4401 size 05
DIN 24340 (NG10)

Four-port solenoid operated directional control Vickers DG4V5 valves with four-land spool design,so as to to facilitate of smooth, and response to variable speeds.

The range including:

AC and DC wet-armature solenoid options with ISO 4400 (DIN 43650) electrical connections and manual overrides.
Variable speed changeover potential in all DC models;

More spool types:with spring-offset, spring-centered and detented arrangements.

DG4V5 vickers hydraulic solenoid valve is compatible to fluid :

AC or DC-voltage models is suitable for petroleum oils, water-in-oil (invert) emulsions or phosphate esters. AC-voltage models can be used on water glycols.

Spool spring meaning:

A=Spring-offset, end-to-end
AL=As “A” but left-hand build
B=Spring offset, end-to-center
BL=As “B” but left-hand build
C=Spring centered
N=Two-position, detented

Smoothly switching variant:

Coil rating
A = 110V AC 50
C = 220V AC 50
ED= 240V AC 50
EK= 115V AC 60
EH= 230V AC 60
G = 12V DC
H = 24V DC
HL= 24V DC (32W)
OJ = 48V DC
P = 110V DC


Maximum Operating Pressure
“A”,“B” and “P” ports: 350 Bar(5000 psi)
Maximum Tank Line Pressure :210 bar (3000 psi)

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DG4V5,DG4V5 vickers

Spool valve symbols

DG4V5,DG4V5 vickers

Pressure drop

Test condition:
When use mineral oil as working oil liquid.
Viscosity is 21 mm²/s and specific gravity is 0.865.

DG4V5,DG4V5 vickers

Valve typeP→AB→TP→BA→TP→TValve typeP→AB→TP→BA→TP→T

DG4V-5-20 Outline and installation dimensions

DG4V5,DG4V5 vickers


DG4V5 solenoid valves related article – How to measure the life of solenoid valves

The following 4 situations will hinder the normal work and shorten the life of the DG4V5 vickers valve :

1,The use of medium changes in the process.

2.Internal pipe rust.

3.Air compressor oil oxidation, resulting in carbon particles of tar and other debris mixed into the pipeline.

4.The dirt dust and other impurities in the pipeline.

Technical performance and specifications:

1.DG4V5 vickers valve in the 12bar constant pressure (can be set), on the highest 90 degrees Celsius hot water.

By requirements of different types of DG4V5 vickers hydraulic valve (such as 5S/5s for a time) for testing, the number of consecutive trials in 50000 times or so (can be set).

2.Test bench can automatically record the hydraulic valve coil through the case, can record the stop time on the middle of the failure of the hydraulic valve, but does not affect the work of other DG4V5 vickers valve.

3.Test rig can simultaneously detect 10 hydraulic valve.

4.The accuracy of pressure control is ±0.2 bar, the temperature control precision is ±1℃.

5.Solenoid DG4V5 vickers valves voltage is adjustable (12~300V)

6.Can be used as a test of low voltage pass performance.