• 4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves
  • 4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves

4WE4-61 Series Solenoid Operated Directional Valve Specifications:

1.Take use of sub-plate mounting.Design and manufacture is according to ISO4401 standard.With min solenoid valve and good function.
2.Valve take use of thread connection.And with optionally change coil.
3.With characteristics of unique waterproof and dust proof.
4.Plug is design and manufacture according to DIN43650,EN175301-803 standard.
Protection grade is IP65,and we can custom-made high degree,like AMP Deutsch plug.

Mini solenoid valves with excellent performance
4/2-way impulse valve
4/3-way with spring cantered mid position
4/2-way with spring reset
Q max = 20 l/min, P max = 350 bar

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4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves


4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves


4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves

Test condition:
Performance limits,with standard voltage -10% oil viscosity = 46 mm²/s(40C`)



Choice of Plug-in connectors

According to different protection degree, select the appropriate coil.

4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves

Plug-in connectors to DIN EN 175301-803 and ISO 4400 for component plug.

4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves

The coil with AMP type plug, protection degree IP67.

4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves

With DEUTSCH DT 04-2P coil, shell protection degree IP-69K

4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves

With radiation coil (350 length, also choose custom)

4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves

4WE4-61  Outline and installation dimensions

4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves


4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves related article – Common malfunction and troubleshooting of rexroth hydraulic valves

1.4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valve is not working:

Check the power supply wiring is connected to the adverse or not → Rewiring and connectors;

Check whether the power supply voltage is within the scope of the work or not → Transfer to normal range;

Check whether the coil is connected or not → Re welding;

Coil short circuit → Replacement coil;

Whether the working pressure difference of inlet metering pump is appropriate or not →Adjust the pressure difference or replace the appropriate 4WE4-61 rexroth hydraulic valves;

Fluid temperature is too high → Replace the appropriate 4WE4-61 rexroth hydraulic valves;

There are impurities make the main valve core and the valve core card stucked → For cleaning, if there is a seal damage should be replaced the seal and installed filter;

The liquid viscosity is too large, the frequency is too high and the life has been reached → Replace products.


2.4WE4-61 Rexroth hydraulic valves can not be closed:

The main spool or the seal of the moving iron core has been damaged → Replace seal;

Fluid temperature, viscosity is too high → Replacement of 4WE4-61 rexroth hydraulic valves;

There are impurities into the solenoid valve spool or moving iron core →Wash;

Spring deformation or service life has been reached → Replace spring;

Throttle hole balance hole plug → Timely cleaning;

Working frequency is too high → Replace products or updates.


3.Other conditions:

Internal leakage → Check seal for damage → Whether the spring assembly or not;

External leakage → The connection is loose or the seal is broken → Tighten the screw or replace the seal;

When power is a noise → The head fasteners loose, tighten;

Voltage fluctuations are not allowed within the range → Adjust the voltage;

Core pull impurities or uneven surfaces → Timely cleaning or replacement.