Hydraulic components can be divided into power components and control components and executive component. Although they are all hydraulic components, their own function and installation of the technical requirements are not the same.


Power components: refers to a variety of hydraulic pumps, gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pumps, screw pumps.
1.Gear pump and series pump (including external and internal meshing) structural types.
2.Vane pump (including single stage pump, variable pump, double stage pump, double pump).
3.The plunger pump is divided into axial piston pump and radial piston pump, axial piston pump is divided into variable pump, quantitative pump (variable pump is divided into manual and variable pressure compensating variable, servo variable etc.) . From the structure is divided into the end face type and oil distribution valve type oil distribution mode, and the radial plunger pump with oil type, basically for valve type oil distribution.


Executive component: hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder piston, piston hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder combination swing hydraulic motor; gear hydraulic motor is divided into hydraulic vane motor, piston hydraulic motor.


Control components: reversing valve, modular check valve, hydraulics directional control valve.
Pressure control valve: relief valve, pressure relief valve, sequence valve, hydraulic pressure valve, etc.
Flow control valve: throttle valve, speed control valve, shunt valve.


Auxiliary components: in addition to the above three parts components, including pressure gauge, oil filter, accumulator, cooler, fittings {mainly include: various pipe fittings (flared, welding type, sleeve type, SAE flange), high pressure ball valves, quick couplings, hose assembly, pressure measuring joint and the pipe clip} and tank, they are also very important.


4WE3-61 hydraulic solenoid miniature hydraulic valve

Max working oil pressure P.A.B : 31.5 MPa
Max oil pressure for T chamber : 10 MPa
Rated flow : 10 l/min
Max flow : 15 l/min

NG3 valve with 3 holes
4/2-way impulse valve
4/3-way with centered mid position spring
4/2-way with spring reset.
Q max.=15l/min,P max.=315Bar

4WE3-61 miniature hydraulic valves,ng3 valve