Yuken DSHG Hydraulic Directional Control Valve

Yuken DSHG of DSHG 03,DSHG 04,DSHG 06,DSHG 10 Hydraulic Directional Control Valve
1. Totally interchangeable with original
2. For different kinds of hydraulic systems
3. Nominal size of solenoid Pilot Operated Directional Valves:DSHG 04, DSHG 06, DSHG 10
4. Max. operating pressure of Electric Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve is 31.5Mpa(315bar), max. Flow is 1100L/min
5. Composed of solenoid operated pilot valve and pilot operated slave valve
6. With competitive price
7. 1 year of warranty

DSHG valves is Yuken DSHG directional valve.If you are looking for low pressure with lower cost of Electro-hydraulic Directional Valve,DSHG Valves is your best choice.

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DSHG 04 solenoid controlled pilot operated directional valves pressure drop


DSHG 06 solenoid controlled pilot operated directional valves pressure drop


DSHG 04 Outline and installation dimensions


DSHG 06 Outline and installation dimensions




YUKEN DSHG 06 directional valve related article – Main advantages of electromagnetic directional control valve


Internal and external leakage is a risk factor for safety. Other automatic directional control YUKEN DSHG 06 valve will generally stem, control directional valve to rotate or move by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator. This is to solve the stem seal leakage problem of long-term operation of the rexroth directional valve.

A.Internal leakage. Electric directional control DSHG 04 valve torque is not easy to control, prone to internal leakage, and even pull off the stem head; the electromagnetic directional valve leakage within the structure type is easy to control, until reduced to zero.

B.External leakage. Solenoid directional DSHG 06 yuken valve is completed by the electromagnetic force acting on the magnetic core in the magnetic seal, there is no dynamic seal, so it is easy to plug the leakage.

In summary, the use of special safety valve, particularly suitable for corrosive, toxic or high temperature media.

2.Cost performance

A.Solenoid directional control DSHG 04 valve itself is simple and low price, and is easy to install and maintain than other types of contro directional valves .

B.The composition of the automatic control system is much simpler, and the price is much lower.

C.As the solenoid directional DSHG 06 yuken valve is a switch signal control, and industrial computer connection is very convenient.

3.Energy saving

A.Solenoid directional control DSHG 04 valve response time can be as short as a few milliseconds, even if the pilot solenoid directional valve can be controlled within a few tens of milliseconds.As a result of the loop, it is more sensitive than the other control valve.The power consumption of properly designed solenoid directional valve coil is very low.

B.Also can be done only to trigger the action, automatically maintain valve position, usually do not consume power. Solenoid directional control DSHG 06 yuken valve small size, space saving, but also light and beautiful.