• WMM4-70 manual control valve
  • WMM4-70 manual control valve

WMM470 Directional Valve with manual actuation

Components Series 70
Max.operating pressure is 35MPa.

Hand knob position:
No sign means Hand knob front and back operation
LR means Hand knob left or right operation

Unmarked means without damper
B08 with damper, orifice diameter is 0.8mm
B10 with damper,orifice diameter is 1.0mm
B12 with damper, orifice diameter is 1.2mm

The valves with spring reset and detent function
For details, see function symbols
Weight is about 0.86kgs



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Manual control valve related article

1. High precision CNC lathe machining, precise size control, stable and reliable quality;

2. Over 60HRC high hardness of the spool and high hardness ductile iron manual control valve body, long-term high frequency action wear resistance, can be stable under high pressure environment action, more excellent service life in the middle and low pressure environment.

3. Internal excellent flow channel design, can be applied to the large flow system, fluid flow smoothly, reduce the hydraulic oil temperature rise, can improve the hydraulic oil deterioration, the performance efficiency of the main engine performance decline and so on.

4. Large thrust electromagnet and SWP high strength spring, to ensure that products can be operated smoothly in high pressure and large flow environment, and performance stablly in the long-term high frequency movements, long service life.

5. The manual control valve body screw mounting hole is particularly provided with a spring washer, which prevents the valve body deformation caused by the excessive torque during installation, and the manual control valve core can not move. Reduce the risk of man-made damage.

6. Internal steel ring block silent design, action noise is lower, to meet the needs of mute environmental protection.

7. A variety of wiring methods, can be equipped with a waterproof sealed end, isolated from the external air and other intrusion, so that the electrical connection more reliable, suitable for wet and other working environment. A plurality of connection modes are all attached with the electric action indicating device, the wiring is simple and the action is clear.

8. Can provide low voltage shock (LS) products, greatly improve the safety