ZDR-30 hydraulic system relief valve

ZDR-30 Direct operated Pressure reducing valve

Port pattern is according to DIN24340 form A and ISO 4401-03-02-0-05 standards
With 4 pressure ratings:2.5Mpa,7.5MPa,15MPa,21Mpa
And 3 optional pressure adjustment types:
Rotary knob
Bushing with hexagon and protective cap
Lockable rotary knob




ZDR-30 hydraulic system relief valve ZDR-30 hydraulic system relief valve ZDR-30 hydraulic system relief valve ZDR-30 hydraulic system relief valve ZDR-30 hydraulic system relief valve



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In the use of the hydraulic system relief valve in the hydraulic system, the number of the valve occupies a considerable proportion. For some yuken vane pump, piston pump with respect to the direction valve will be relatively simple, it can use the relative position between the valve core and the valve body to realize connecting or disconnecting of the oil path, so that we can better implement the element to start and stop (including locking) and reversing.

The main failure and its possible causes of hydraulic system relief valve circuit are the following two aspects:

1. Does not require reversing in the process of using hydraulic system relief valve

The suction electromagnet inside is insufficient when working, not enough to push the spool to move. The DC electromagnet remanence, but the spool will not reset. While the spring axis inside will be skewed, and then will make the valve can be locked inside the valve body. The spool is napping, causes the body stucked. Oil pollution will be serious, could clog the sliding gap, leading to stuck the spool. Becausethe processing precision of the valve core or the valve body is relatively poor, will generate clamping force continuously and vertically, which will lead to stuck the spool.

2.When check spool type valve in the serious leakage will have nothing to do with.

The seal between cone valve and valve seat may not be tight enough. The cone valve or all kind of hydraulic system relief valve seats could be napping or there are a variety of pollutants on other ring sealing surface. The valve core will stuck, the reverse flow can make the cone valve can not be closed. Spring in the emergence of leakage or skew, so that the spool can not be re reset.

Operators in accordance with the basic principles in the usual use can better allow the pump to work and improve the efficiency of the machine in the process of using.